February 1-7

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Supporting local restaurant communities across Canada.

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Our mission

Supporting Local
Restaurant Communities.

Our mission is to help increase engagement, awareness and sales for restaurants across Canada, all while offering Canadians a fun and delicious poutine experience. La Poutine Week 2024 will available all across Canada!

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Introducing our Cheesy Packages.

Select one of the following packages


  • We list your restaurant on our website and promotional stickers and posters
  • The fee covers the participation of up to 5 of your locations. Any additional location costs $50 each.
  • If you’re a DoorDash client, please contact your rep to receive a rebate of 100% of that fee.

Example for 5 locations restaurant:

  • With the DoorDash code: $0
  • Without the promotion: $300

Example for 12 locations restaurant:

  • With the DoorDash code: $0 + $350 (7x50)
  • Without the promotion: $300 + $350 (7x50

Fries + Gravy

+ $500
  • Everything in Fries
  • Professional food photography for the website
  • A promotional video for social media (30 second reel)

*Restaurants with multiple locations receive only one promo video and one photo session.

This service is only available in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec City and Winnipeg.

Fries + Gravy + Cheese

+ $2,000
  • Everything in Fries + Gravy, plus:
  • Social media takeover for four weeks: Two weeks before the event, during the event,  and for one week after the event ends to keep the promotion going onwards

This is for restaurants that want to make a bigger splash by getting our specialized social media team take over your account, and interact preferentially with our accounts and the event.